Strong experience. Having litigated in the Florida administrative, state and federal courts, in addition to federal appellate courts, we can fully provide the experience needed to support your needs.

Strong relationships. We feel that having a solid working relationship is critical. We treat all our clients with respect and dignity.

Preparation. Dealing with complex issues requires preparedness at every level. We focus on solving current issues and anticipating future ones.

Step-by-step analysis. A strategic legal approach is essential to success. This means evaluating all potential courses of action, from negotiation to mediation, litigation and reviewing each step of the strategy with our clients.




Christine Lamia

Lead Attorney

Christine E. Lamia is the founder and lead trial attorney of Lamia Trial Lawyers…

Lamia Trial Lawyers, P.A. regularly contracts with trial attorneys to assist as second chair in trials. Ms. Lamia is actively recruiting experienced trial lawyers to partner with or work with as contract lawyers. In addition to the full litigation support, Lamia Trial Lawyers, P.A. also utilizes state of the art research and search tools to cite the most recent and relevant case law.